Pune District Education Association's
OTUR , PUNE 412409 .
"Accredited with 'A' grade CGPA 3.18 by NAAC in IIIrd Cycle" Year of Establishment - 1970 | Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University |Best College Award, SPPU.

Welcome To Botany Department


About The Department

The Department has First Year and Second Year Botany subject For Degree Students.

The Department of Botany of this college was established in 1970, with F. Y. B.Sc. Classes till 1978.

In 1978, S. Y. B.Sc. class was introduced.

The Department has two competent Doctorate Faculty.

The Department has One Laboratory Assistant & one Lab. Attendants.
The spacious Laboratory is equipped with necessary Equipment & materials required for practicals of above mention classes.

The faculty has collaboration with Department of Botany, B.J. College, Ale, for Research works and Ghod Project Division, Junnar, Forest Department, Govt. of Maharashtra.

Course Offered?F.Y.B.sc. & S.Y.B.Sc.

Seats/Intake: 120 at F.Y. Level.

Eligibility: XII Science Passed with Biology as one of the subject.
Admission Procedure: Merit and Reservation







Botany Activities

The students get hands on knowledge about the flora in various ecosystems, different associations existing among plants and animals and adaptations of plants and animals for their survival etc. Therefore, field visits are arranged  for students.

Several student activities are arranged to increase social knowledge and study throughout the year, to inculcate the extracurricular abilities in the students.

The Department different organizes different activities -

  • Report Preparation on the study.
  • Presentation of and experience sharing about the field studies.
  • Collection and information regarding plants.
  • Plantation program.
  • Poster competition.
  • Awareness about conservation of biodiversity and natural resources.


Extension Services

  • Faculty involved in Environmental awareness program.
  •      Department also providies consultancy services about Plant Diversity & Conservation planning  to the Forest Department, Govt. of Maharashtra.


1.Our vision is to conduct teaching, research and outreach on the patterns and processes of life with a focus on plants and their environments.

2.To identify the potential of each and every student and develop their skills.

3.To  educate and to develop the technical and critical thinking skills necessary for success in the field.


We arrange Exhibitions and find out skill from students  as well motivate students in Research / Avishkar Activities / Competition.



Laboratory Work /Practicals :

More emphasis is givento laboratory work involving use of as much diversity of materials  as possible ,so that students willuderstand the nature properly.

ICT in teaching

Botany  department has one computer, internet connection, OHP and Slide projector. This facility is used from time to time as a teaching aid, for better understanding of the subject.

Power Point presentations are used for teaching purposes. Video lectures by different eminent teachers are shown to the students during practical sessions. Videos of practical demonstrations shown to the students

Experiential Learning

Field trips are arranged for the students for on field knowledge and students get close with the live form of diversity.

Facilities available with the department

The Department has separate spacious Laboratory for smooth conduct of practicals. The Laboratory has Instruments as per syllabus

Instruments and Equipments

The department is equipped with variety of instruments and equipments needed for regular studies at the time of practicals of different classes, such as-

  • Microscope: Dissecting, Compound
  • Photographic equipments like Camera, Camera Lucida.

Electronic Balance, Autoclave, Laminar Air-Flow Cabinet, pH Meter, Refrigerator, Gel electrophoresis apparatus, Centrifuge, Soil Thermometer, Hair Hygrometer, Cup Anemometer, Maximum & Minimum Thermometer,   UV- Visible Spectrophotometer etc

.Computer, laser printer,  OHP



Achievements & Awards

Dr.Sanjaykumar R. Rahangdale

  1. Rahangdale S. R. and S. S. Rahangdale, 2018. Biodiversity of Durgawadi Plateaus

Department of Forests, Government of Maharashtra. ISBN: 978-93-5016-432-7 Pp. 114 with >400 Photographs of Plants, Animals and Habitats.

  1. New Species: 1
  2. i) Ledebouria junnarensis S. Rahangdale & S.R. Rahangdale nom.nov. (Asparagaceae) with the highest known chromosomes 2n=70 & IUCN status.
  3. New variety: 1
  4. i) Ceropegia mahabalei Hemadri et. Ansari var. hemlatae S. Rahangdale & S.R. Rahangdale
  5. New Generic Records to the State of Maharashtra:
  6. i) Botrychium Swartz. (Botrychiaceae) Pteridophyte
  7. ii) Soliva Ruiz & Pavon (Asteraceae)
  8. New species records to the State of Maharashtra:
  9. i) Anoda cristata (L.) Schltdl. (Malvaceae)
  10. ii) Garnotia courtallensis (Arn. and Nees.) Thw. (Poaceae)

iii) Cucumis dipsaceus Ehrenb. ex Spach. (Cucurbitaceae)

  1. Rediscoveries: 1
  2. i) Tillaea schimperi (C.A. Meyer) M.G. Gilbert, H. Ohba & K.T. Fu. (Crassulaceae).

5.Two major projects & one minor projects completed.






  • Awarded with S. S. Bir Gold Medal 2020 of Indian Fern Society for outstanding research work in Pteridology amongst researchers and scientists in India. (25 Feb. 2020)
  • Awarded with Phule Dampatya Sanman 2018 by Mahatma Phule Vichar Manch, Junnar for outstanding work in education and research.
  • Awarded with Samaj Prerana Puraskar 2018 by Late Ramchandji Babel Charitable trust, for setting a benchmark of Social work and research.
  • Recognized Research guide for Ph.D. & M.Phil. by research of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune
  • Awarded with M. Sabu Award for the best paper in the Angiosperm Taxonomy presented Teacher/Scientists presented at the Annual Conference of the Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy of the year 2013 at RSTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, during 27-29 Dec. 2013, for the paper entitled, Plant Species Composition on two rocky outcrops from North Western Ghats, Maharashtra.
  • Awarded with Chandrabhagabai Chate Gold Medal at the 86th Convocation of Nagpur University for securing the First position in University Merit in M.Sc. Examination.
  • Conferred with Late Dr. A. S. Khalatkar Memorial Gold Medal on securing the highest marks in Cytology & Genetics a special paper in M. Sc. II Examination.
  • Awarded with Late Prof. L. B. Kajale Memorial Cash Prize for securing the First position in University Merit in M. Sc. Examination.
  • Recognized Expert of IUCN Red List for threat assessment of plants at regional and global level.









Dr.Sheetal Anup Kalhapure


1.Awared with Parvati bhushan puraskar by parvati Nagari kruti Samittee ,Pune for doing outstanding work in educational and cultural  field     

2.Best teacher award  by PCMC,Pune for outstanding work in educational field.

3.Best teacher award  by Sukhkarta Prathisthan,Pune for outstanding work in educational field.