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"Accredited with 'A' grade CGPA 3.18 by NAAC in IIIrd Cycle" Year of Establishment - 1970 | Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University |Best College Award, SPPU.

Welcome To Political Science Department

'Political Science'

'Political Science'

About the Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science was established in the college in 1972. Since 1972, the number of political science students has been steadily increasing. In addition to political science, students are given free guidance on how to prepare for competitive exams. As the student is a socially useful and important means of social change, the concepts of local self-government, parliamentary system, elections, good governance, public administration, etc. are taught to the students in an experimental manner. The subject of political science is taught at the general level in the college.

Students are given knowledge of international relations and politics, changes in world governance, global social problems, terrorism, Naxalism, etc., and its causes, and current affairs. Emphasis is placed on enhancing students ?communication skills and stage daring through assignments, seminars, etc.

Along with the university curriculum, the political science department provides students with current affairs, political changes, and trends, information about competitive exams, etc. Since the students studying in the department are from rural areas, the rural culture, customs, traditions, etc. are studied by the students keeping in mind the impact on social life. Department of Political Science has always been a leader in creating political awareness in rural areas.


  • To impart quality education so as to develop scientific temper and spirit of critical inquiry.
  • The Department of Political Science sensitizes students towards Political and Social Activities, thereby fostering skills to Relate Social transformations and political Awareness in Society, to encourage students to research, business, and publishing.


  • To develop the research potential of the students in a learner-friendly environment.
  • To promote a healthy two-way relationship between the teachers and the taught by strengthening the academic feedback mechanism.
  • To provide value-added courses to complement the routine syllabi in order to achieve overall excellence.
  • To promote Democratic Secular Values & preserve and awareness about Indian Nation Building Process.

Goals of the Department

  • To undertake teaching, research, and extension programs in major branches of Political Science.
    ●To impart training to the student in order to equip them with academic and professional capability & develop among them analytical perspective.
    ●To encourage research in social and political issues at contribute to the discipline of Political Science.
    ●To Undertake extension activities in order to create a free, just, and humane society.   

Core Values

  • To Communicate the knowledge of Political Science
    ●Develop new knowledge in the field through critical research and scholastic inquiry
    ●Cultivate political values so as to boost democratic practice 
    ●Apply the knowledge of Political Science to serve society as a whole

Course Structure/ Course Offered ( U.G.Level)

  1. F Y.B.A.- Introduction to Indian Constitution
  2. S Y.B.A. -Introduction to Political Science
  3. T Y.B.A. -Local Self Government in Maharashtra
  4. FYBA, Bcom, B.Sc. -Democracy, Election & Governance (For Two Credits only)
  5. M.A. M.Com. M.Sc.-Introduction of Constitution  (For Two Credits only) 


  • 120 Seats for F.Y.B.A
  • 120 Seats for S.Y.B.A
  • 120 Seats for T.Y.B.A


12th standard passed for the first year i.e. F.Y.B.A.

Admission Process

It is first come first serves with reservation rules.


As per University guidelines, designed by B.O.S. of Political Science


The Department conducts regular lectures and guidelines for the students.

? Extension Service / Activities

The Department runs school-college complex programme.

Consultancy Services

The Department consults the students to various Political, Social problems.

Instruments and Infrastructure

The Department has various Political event tests.

Contact Person

Dr. Nandkishor Nanasheb Ugale    

Assistant Professor & HOD

Email Id : nandkishorugale@gmail.com

Mobile No.:9850255537.