About the Library

The library-like all vibrant and productive organizations strive to keep pace with a global, dynamic, and technology-enabled information environment to meet the expectations of its users. Central Library during the year continued to march to its mission of facilitating the creation of new knowledge through the acquisition, organization, and dissemination of library materials. It offered a range of services including reference and consultation, membership and circulation, document delivery, resource sharing, information alert service, book bank for needy students, user awareness programmes. It extended the help and support to establish a library at the college.

In the beginning, the college library was housed in one small room. The college received a grant from UGC towards the construction of the present new building. The new building was designed and opened from 1991 to stack 100000 volumes and 100 readers at a time.

The name of library Late S.R.Tambe given in the year 1981-1982. The Late S.R.Tambe was a social leader in the Pune District. Late S.R.Tambe was born on 22 Sept.1928. A Great person in Otur lived a great life who was Sarpanch of Otur for 18 years. Besides this, he was also a Chairman of Gram Vikas Mandal, Otur. He was elected as a member of Pune Zilla Parishad in 1962. He was also elected the first Chairman of Junnar Taluka Panchayat. In 1970; he was MLA of Junnar Taluka.

The collection Comprised of subjects areas from the faculty of arts, mental moral, Social science, Commerce, Education, Science etc. The Collection has been systematically developed covering all branches of knowledge

Library department is started youtube channel in Jan.2019, through which every activity, program from the college is shared with the students. It can be seen through following link :- Click Here


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Library Area

Sr.No Particulars Size (in Sq. Feet)
01 Student reading room 948.06 Sq. Feet
02 Staff reading room 213.15 Sq. Feet
03 Stack room 1950.91 Sq. Feet
04 Librarian's room 201 Sq. Feet
05 Computer Room 180 Sq. Feet
06 Issue counter 500 Sq. Feet
07 Poarch 93 Sq. Feet
08 Library Store Room 598.85 Sq. Feet
Total Built up area 4684.97 Sq. Feet

Library Committee

Sr.No Name Member
1 Principal Dr. A.J.Khandagale Chairman
2 Dr.N.H.Hande Member Secretary
3 Dr.S.F.Dhakane Member
4 Dr.V.M.Shinde Member
5 Dr. S.B.Shinde Member
6 Dr. V.D.Jadhav Member
7 Mr.M.V.Deshmukh Member
8 Dr. Dr.U.P.Paneru Member
9 Dr. S.S.Langade Member
10 Dr.K.D.Sonawane Member
11 Dr.S.R.Gavhale Member
12 Dr.D.M.Tilekar Member
13 Dr.R.N.Kaspate Member
14 Dr.S.B.Walke Member
15 Dr.N.N.Ugale Member
16 Dr.V.Y.Gawade Member
17 Mr.A.L.Bansode Member

Library Staff

Sr.No Name Designation Qualification Email ID
1 Dr. N.H.Hande Librarian B.Sc., M. Lib. I.Sc. , SET, Ph.D.
2 Mr.G.P.Dumbre Library Clerk B.A.
3 Mr. P.N.Thorve Library Attendant B.A., LTC.
4 Mrs. M.M.Kulkarni Peon M.S.W.

Library Collection

Total Collection (up to 31, March,2023)
Sr No Budget Head Books Amount
1 Junior 23936 1228191.00
2 Senior 52811 4609171.00
3 UGC 9454 1351304.00
4 PG 4909 1124548.00
5 Vocational 2263 127878.00
6 Donated 2885 0
7 Book Bank 1425 0
8 Sidhivinayak 9957 1336999.00
9 RPB 1000 194348.00
TOTAL 108640 bks 9972439.00

Non Book Material Collection

Sr.No Non Book Material Total
1 CD/DVD 350
2 Periodicals (Journals & Magazines) 55
3 Newspapers 17
4 Dissertations/Thesis 03


Sr.No Organization/Institute

News Paper List

Sr.No Name
2 Loksatta
3 Lokmat
4Maharashtra Times
5Navbharat Times
8 Kesari
11The Hindu
12Times of India
13Indian Express
14Economics Times
15Employment News

e Newspaper
☛ Online Newspapers

Journals / Periodicals


Sr.No Name of Journal & Periodical Cost of Rs.
1Sahitya Suchi 500
2 Naya Dnynodya 600
3 Sahitya Amrut 400
4 Asian Quarterly 3000
5 Indian Journal Economics & Business 4000
6 International Journal of Economics Issue 3000
7 The Economics & Political Weekly 4725
8 International Studies 4230
9 National Geographic 3540
10Journal of Indian Health Psychology 3000
11Competition Affairs1100
12Reader Digest1200
13Psychology & Developing Society 3990
14Journal of Commerce & Management4000
16Yojana 240
17Yapari mitra500
18Asia Pacific journal of management research & innovation 4230
19IUP Journal of Accounting research & Audit Practice 1000
20Banking & Finance900
21Finance India 2400
22 International Journal of Rural development & management studies 3000
23 International Journal of Business management Economics & IT 3000
24 Journal of pure & Applied physics 3200
25 Parmana Journal of physics 1500
26 Bulletin of material science1200
27 Resonance 1000
28 Current Science 2500
29 International Journal of applied mathematics & Physics 3000
30 International Journal of pure & applied physics 0
31 Indian Journal of Natural Products & Resources 1200
32 Journal of Indian chemical Technology 1600
33 Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec.A 4600
34 Indian Journal of Chemistry Sec.A 4600
35 Journal of Environmental Biology 4000
36 Journal of Experimental Biology 4600
37 Journal of Bio Science1000
38 Indian Journal of Biotechnology 1200
39 Journal of Genetics 1000
40 International Journal of Environment & Development 3000
41 Journal of Science Technology & Manager 1500
42 Bioinolet 3000
43 Science Reporter 300
44 International Journal of Life Science 3300
45 Indian Journal of Mathematics & Mathematical Science 3000
46 International Journal of Statistics & Management System 3000
47 International Journal of Scientific Computing 3000
48 International Journal of Computing Intelligence Research & application 3000
49 P.C.Quest 1500
50 Open source for you 1440
51 Digit 2500
52 Electronics for you 720
53Lokrajya 120
54 Sport star 1950
55 University News 950
56 Competition success Review 900
57 Employment News 530
TOTAL RS. 1,21,825

Library Services & Facilities

1. Reference, Consultation & Circulation

Reference service helps users to make full use of library resources and services. It provides necessary assistance to users in locating information or document of their choice. In addition to members including students, research scholars, teaching and non- teaching members from different departments used the library. It is open from 0900 to 1700 hrs on all working days.

2. Membership

The membership of the library for different categories of users stands as mentioned below:
Students: 1635 Staff : 89 Others: 00 Visiting Faculty: 00 Total : 1724

3. Book Bank

The library maintains a book bank to help students belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and economically weaker sections of the society. The bank mainly consists of the prescribed textbooks for undergraduate courses and loans textbooks to these students for a full semester.
Junior College: - Students 684 Books Distributed 3943
Senior College: - Students 675 Books Distributed 6033

4. Sidhivinayak Book Bank scheme

As per the requirement of college, Sidhivinayak trust provides text books donation. This books are free of cost circulated to the sudents. The College has received 9957 text books of rupees 13,36,999.00 (Rs Thirteen Lakhs Thirty six Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Nine till 2019-20.

5 .Users Education, Conferences, Seminars & Competitions.

6 .Competitive Study Center

This center is created for the student, those who are interested in Competitive Exams. All subscribed magazine, journals are kept in the hall for reading. Video clips of UPSC & MPSC Toppers are shown every Monday to the 30 Students.

7 .Newspaper Reading Center Center

Eleven Newspaper are kept for reading in the hall. This is free service to the Students.

8 .Magzine Reding Center

Fourty Five Magazines are kept for reading in the hall. This is free service to the Students.


Two Computers are kept for OPAC Service. This is free service to the Students.

Best practices

  1. Book Exhibition
  2. Book Display
  3. Displaying new arrivals
  4. I card Generation
  5. Library Orientation Programme
  6. User Education /Information literacy programme
  7. Career/ Employment information services
  8. Open Access
  9. Free text books

Library Membership

  1. Necessary Documents for Teachers & Students: -
    • For Teachers: Appointment Order, Passport size Photo.
    • For Students: Admission Receipt, Passport size Photo.

Library Rules


  1. Books/Periodicals or any other library material can be issued only after showing a valid I-Card.
  2. Every Student entering the Library premises should have a valid college identity card. It should be produced as and when demanded.
  3. Identity card and Library card are non-transferable.
  4. Every student is expected to read and strictly follow the instructions given on the reverse side of the Library Card.
  5. Books will be issued for a period of 7 days only.
  6. Re-issue of the books will depend upon the demand for the same.
  7. If the Book is lost or damaged, the students must replace the book with new copy of latest edition.
  8. Reference Books/Journals will be issued Under Graduate students in the library premises only and Reprography service will be made available, if necessary.
  9. Students must handle books, periodicals, etc. with great care, any attempt to damage books or Periodicals, by defacing or tearing the pages will treated as serious misconduct and strictly dealt with.
  10. If the Original identity card or Library card is lost a duplicate will be issued on payment of Rs.50/- each.

Reading Hall

  1. A complete silence and strict discipline should be maintained in the library and Reading room.
  2. News papers and Magazine must be read only in the Library and should not be taken outside.
  3. Use of Mobile Phone in the Library is strictly prohibited.
  4. If any reference book is required in the reading hall, student should approach the Library staff.
  5. All cases of disregard of these rules will be reported to the principal for appropriate action.

Research Support

  1. Library provides research support for all researchers in the college by various ways like helping them in finding related study material from different resources.
  2. Library Portal: Library has created a portal of all open access scholarly databases including Shodhganga & Shodhgangotri, Digital Libraries available online for their patrons and researchers. Researchers can search their material for their resources by accessing portal.
  3. Consortia: Subscribed UGC N-LIST consortia through which patrons can access paid e-books and e-journals.
  4. Book & Journals Facility: Library provides books and subscribed journals for all researchers on all working days and hours.
  5. Reference Service
  6. Established separate Digital Library for accessing e-resources.
  7. Information Literacy Programme PG students & Researchers.

Library Hours

Issuing Hours

Library Working Hours

Contact Information

Name:-Dr. Nilesh H. Hande
Designation:-B. Sc., M. Lib. & I .Sc., SET, Ph.D.
Contact No:- 02132-264138 / 319
Mobile No:- 9960535016